Middleburg msiThe Mission Shaped Ministry course:

Is there a way that the church can re-look at being shaped around God’s mission

The needs of the Southern Africa and our context right now include:

  • Poverty and Unemployment; Crime and corruption
  • Discrimination and injustice; A divided Society
  • Environmental Issues; Health; Education
  • Increasing numbers of de-churched and unchurched people.

As a solution to this need, most mainline churches have included the Mission Shaped Ministry as an excellent tool. We have had over 400 graduates through the MSM since 2013. Presiding Bishop Siwa, the chair of the South African Council of Churches, Bishop Martin Breytenbach and and many Bishops support the way in which ‘Fresh expressions’ and the Mission Shaped Ministry Course seeks to address these needs with a long term process and movement. In fact the Church or England and even 67% of Methodist Circuits in the UK participate in this Ecumenical adventure in mission. You can see their website for more information. http//:missionshapedministry.org

‘Fresh Expressions’ is a movement to reach those who don’t go to church and has been making a huge impact in such a variety of ways in different contexts. The founder and custodian of ‘Fresh Expressions’ is Bishop Graham Cray. We had the privilege of sitting under Bishop Cray’s teaching at both the Anglican’s Ablaze Conference as well as a full day seminar in Pretoria. It was inspirational!

We also offer the Mission Shaped Introduction: 6 sessions

msiThe ‘Fresh Expressions’ Core Team invite folk to an introduction event. The ‘Mission Shaped Introduction’ has 6 highly interactive sessions covering:

Rediscovering mission: what that means for church; Changing world, changing church; Re-imagining church - community; Re-imagining church – worship; Re-imagining church – discipleship and leadership; Where do we go from here? 

We are willing to offer this in different contexts over time. Chat to us.