Using technology to connect the body of Christ.


MyMethodist CT

At its core, this is a central database for any denomination or local church. It is designed to hold the records of all church structures, church organisations, clergy and laity. Holding all this data in one centralized secure online database will give the ability to act as one united church showing the love of Christ.

There are many benefits:

  • User-friendliness: It is designed as an easy to use tool for congregations, by their ministerial and secretarial staff via PC’s and via mobiles and tablets including manual and touch screen devices
  • Safety: It is compliant with the Protection of Private Information Act (POPI) with a security certificate using the most up to date technology to protect personal information. Information cannot be lost as it is stored and backed up on a secure and dedicated server, and each office and local church has control over their relevant security and data information;
  • Events: It offers registration for any church event with an optional online payment facility for any event (e.g. Synod) or for tithing/giving
  • Unity: It is one centralised computerised Church Management System for a stand alone Congregation or a whole denomination. 
  • Contextual: It is developed in Africa for the whole family of Churches

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  • Statistical accuracy and integrity 
  • It allows immediate access to accurate membership statistical data               
  • Each member’s information is updated by either the member (through a secure and personal ID and pin code) or by the Congregation's office using their code.
  • Communication: It creates an easy medium for immediate communication (from desktops, tablets or smart phones) between the head office and congregations through emails and a browser messenger system, as well as WhatApp and Bulk SMS being developed. 
  • Analysis: It can allow for analysis of worship and income trends
  • No for profit: It is run by two Non-profit companies whose work goes entirely to support mission and evangelism
  • Growing the Church

COST per Congregation: R275.00 per month (about US$20 pm)

We can dialogue around this cost in some circumstances. We will increase the costs related to inflation and other increases. This price is due to the large participation base, and despite the investment or over R3 million it took to develop, this is a fair deal. 

Other benefits that we are exploring and developing: 

  • It tracks courses each person has done indicating a level of Discipleship development
  • It prints labels and name tags directly for course attendees and posting, and due to there being many different sizes and printing configurations we do this from an Excel download in the System
  • It offers Spiritual gifts indication categories
  • It has a general notes facility for each person in the Personal Portal
  • It gives monthly and annual statistics
  • It is being developed to reflect the children’s attendance register
  • It will offer a channel data for the wider accountability and transparency in a Denomination or Network. 

For the Methodist Church: MyMethodist: Click here 

Fresh Bread Ministries has enjoyed a signed Memorandum of Agreement with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to offer the MyMethodist to all their congregations. If the Methodist community, be it at a Connexional level, a District or a Society level. We continue to enjoy their support and partnerships. 

For the Congregational Church: MyCongregational: Click here

Fresh Bread Ministries has a signed Memorandum of Agreement for three years with the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa to offer the MyCongregational to all their congregations. Please contact us for information, registration and training. 

For the Presbyterian Church: Click here

We are working on a Memorandum of Agreement with the Communications Committee of the whole UPCSA to offer the MyPresby to all their congregations, but have their verbal permission to offer this to congregations in the meantime. Please contact us for information, registration and training. 

For the Vineyard Churches: Click here

We are working on a Memorandum of Agreement with the Vineyard to offer the MyVineyard to all their congregations, but have their verbal permission to offer this to congregations in the meantime. Please contact Pastor David Burgess at  or us for information, registration and training. 

For the Reformed Churches: Click here

We have done work with Reformed Churches on request and have translated the pages into Afrikaans for their use. We would enjoy more opportunities so please contact us. 

WEBSITES: Self-managed website are the way to go!

Information is power and is at our fingertips. The Internet has opened the way for a greater and deeper expression of our communal life and witness. 

The day has arrived when you manage your own website! We can help you! 

You can have a designed website up and running in a week, backed by a credible designer and with the some key assistance from the MyChurchIT Team! It may not be a rolls Royce, but it does the job and I manage it myself! If you want something like what you see here (and even better!) please let me know immediately at .

We offer:

1. Hosting your site on a dedicated server with a secure Certificate and including an IP address (valued at R100 pm in itself);

2. Help to set up your site using WordPress;

3. Access to a dedicated web and graphic designer;

4. Basic training of a key staff member on how to use the site and manage your site yourselves (articles, photos, YouTube clips, etc.) 

5. Support you along the way with ideas and answers to you questions. 

COST: R250.00 pm with no start up costs, and we ask for a 50% deposit