Note from Christopher:

There are two words in that have struck me deeply through the years: Love and Mystery


I have always been consumed by God's all embracing and undeserved love for us, and more specifically for me. I am increasingly aware that the Kingdom of God is all about relationships. It is about God and God’s people, who they are and what they are becoming. The nature of the work I do is to build people up and grow them into the kind of beings that God intends for them. Building relationships with communities of people who then build each other up into Christ-likeness is what discipline is really about.


Why this word to describe God? Well, God is not definable and is by nature dynamic. We can speak of what we know God to be as God reveals God’s God-self to us. So God is by nature mysterious. We are in awe of God because God is greater than anyone and anything we can conceive of imagine. In response to who God is to live in the mystery of faith. The Faith journey is not a destination, or a defined point. What and where that is up to God! The journey is there for a mystery as well. A definition of ‘mystery’ can be: ‘An exciting adventure towards an undisclosed destination.’ I have had an exciting journey so far in my life and it continues to be that for me.